review of star wars battle front 3 and buy it on Amazon

To be... or not to be? That is thy question. Battlefront 3 will be the 3rd installment to the Battle Front series but it has been over 10 years since there has been a battlefront release... which means a few things... Will Battlefront 3 satisfy gamers who haven't played it in a long time? What [...]

review of the best pocket camera sony rx 100 vi

The Sony RX100 IV is one of the best "pocket" cameras you can get on the market.  If you are struggling on whether or not you should purchase this camera then check out this post because we will explore the pros and cons of the Sony RX100 IV. Before we dive in though we chose [...]

fitbit product reviews and figuring out which one is for me

Fitbit is a pretty nifty gadget that allows people to track their footsteps, weight, sleep (if you get the One sleep tracker), goals, etc. it has become pretty popular over the past few years and Fitbit has shown signs of advancement and updating their products. Fitbit is widely known as the leader of the wireless [...]

best back to school technology for college

Are you a college student going back to school? Need some new supplies and tech that will satisfy you throughout the year? Then take a look at this post! We compiled a list of some of the coolest tech gadgets for going back to school. Boo yah! But first... make sure to do all of [...]

best wireless speaker 2015

Okay, so you want a speaker system... but you also want it to be wireless (cause, who likes wires anyway). All of these speakers are Bluetooth capable. Well we have gone out of our way to find the best wireless speakers you can find on the market. They range from Amazon's Echo to Bose Companion Series speakers. [...]